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Here we want to show you some things we made by ourself, to show you what you can get from us.
For example:
Photobucketwe can decorate your handy with some cute stuff
Photobucketwe create a unique hairbow for you
Photobucketwe design you very cute nails
Photobucketif you want to have some other cute things, just tell us, we'll do our best to make it for you please write to this mail adress: ""

Freitag, 27. August 2010

Glitter nails :D


I just told you some time ago, that we buyed glitter for nail art, so what could be the first ting i'll do? Yes... I've tried to make some cool nails with it. so these are the once i've made. The first one is not so great, but i like the other two :D so what do you think about them?

New stuff :D


Today we buyed some new stuff :3 mini gems, glitter powder (in white, bronce, black, silver, red and gold) and some cute fruits for nails :D

Donnerstag, 19. August 2010

Shopping etc

Hello Ladies ♥
Today We have something new, we'd like to show you.

At first our new fabrics, that we got yesterday:
1. Pink with cute flowers
2. White and red, with little flowers
3. red with golden flowers
4. White with little strawberrys
5. Champagner with flower rings (I have fallen in love with this fabric)

So as you can see....many flowerish things this time ^-^

And what can we do with new fabrics?
Right! Make a new Bow.

So it's this one:
Made with my new favourite fabric and a gem in the middle. The light on this pic is not so good, maybe, i can make another picture soon...

Then there was some fabric over, so I made this:
A cute little cellphone charm.

So I hope you like these things~
See you next time.

Sonntag, 15. August 2010

New nails

I've made my nails again today. That is now everything on my own natural nail, so i'm a bit proud of myself xD Did i ever mentioned, that i love polka dots? At first i wanted to make some at hyuras nails, but i told her that i hate to make them. No point is looking like the other. But if you mind them to be that way, i could try a dot design next time.

Mittwoch, 11. August 2010

Something new

Some weeks ago we tried to make some make up bags and now I want to show them to you ^O^

The first try was this one:
It's silver black and it looks like...the first try i think... but it's okay and somehow very cute.

This one was the second try:
I've been fallen in love with this bag. Just cute and perfect for make up.
And with the dots it's girly like and elegant at the same time

what do you think of these?

Everything we have

As I told befor, I show you all the things we work with (except the fabrics, cause we don't have them here right now T^T)

On this pic is everything we need to decorate shown:
1 Box with perls etc.
2 Forms for DecoSweets (Dougnuts etc.)
3 Claires Gems Box
4 self-sticking Gems
5 Box with perls and DecoSweets
6 Nailsticker
7 Forms for DecoSweets (Cakes etc.)
8 Perls, sequins etc. in white
9 small Glasperls
10 mini gems
11 self-sticking gem hearts in blue (we have them in purple and pink as well)
12 red gems
13 Perls in white, gold and pink
14 halved perls in white
15 Perl heart white
16 Sequins in White (Somwhere we have black ones, too)
17 pink Decocream

Our pastel nail colours... We really like them :D

Caring nail products and french colours

Everything else we have for nails...

We have much stuff I think XD
So I can make cute nails more often :D

So take care and look forward to the next post ♥

new nails

Hey Girls ♥
Today I will make a long post with our stuff, but at first I'd like to show you my newest creation:
I've made these nails for Hyura
They are pink-white, with leo print in the back and glitter on the tips. To make them perfect, there are little gems on every nail, to part glitter and leo print.
I think these nails are beautiful, what do you think?

Dienstag, 10. August 2010

Give away2


Hey Guys ^^

Today we have a good Message for you.
We will extent the deadline for the Give Away

The new Date is not decided so you can commend now if you want the nails and the bow we made ニコニコ

Bye then
this was Mao

Sonntag, 8. August 2010

Hi girls ♥
today i've made new nails...
They are a bit darker this time and first time full red...but i like it. Especially I like these little hearts on every nail, totally cute ♥

Next week I'll meet up with Hyura I will make some cute nails for her as well, so wish me luck ^o^