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Here we want to show you some things we made by ourself, to show you what you can get from us.
For example:
Photobucketwe can decorate your handy with some cute stuff
Photobucketwe create a unique hairbow for you
Photobucketwe design you very cute nails
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Donnerstag, 19. August 2010

Shopping etc

Hello Ladies ♥
Today We have something new, we'd like to show you.

At first our new fabrics, that we got yesterday:
1. Pink with cute flowers
2. White and red, with little flowers
3. red with golden flowers
4. White with little strawberrys
5. Champagner with flower rings (I have fallen in love with this fabric)

So as you can see....many flowerish things this time ^-^

And what can we do with new fabrics?
Right! Make a new Bow.

So it's this one:
Made with my new favourite fabric and a gem in the middle. The light on this pic is not so good, maybe, i can make another picture soon...

Then there was some fabric over, so I made this:
A cute little cellphone charm.

So I hope you like these things~
See you next time.