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Here we want to show you some things we made by ourself, to show you what you can get from us.
For example:
Photobucketwe can decorate your handy with some cute stuff
Photobucketwe create a unique hairbow for you
Photobucketwe design you very cute nails
Photobucketif you want to have some other cute things, just tell us, we'll do our best to make it for you please write to this mail adress: ""

Mittwoch, 20. April 2011


Hey Girls,
We decided to make some more posts at this Blog, so we will change something :D
At first we want to post some hairstyles we tried.
This is Mimi:

She had some extensions at our home, so i made some cute curls and made a huge side bun. Unfortunally it was already late at night, when we took the pictures, so you can't really see that much, but we will do some other hair styles and post them, so look forward to it :D

Ah by the you see the Bow? We made this bow in the last month's, i will post a single pic soon :3

Well that's it for today

Stay tuned ♥

Donnerstag, 14. April 2011

Hello Ladie's,
We've let you wait again for a new post, so sorry ._.
Last time i promised you to take a photo of my handy decoration...Well I didn't made that photo till now, but We came back with a new nail style:

Silver Glitter with black gems and glitter roses. Quite simple but gread looking. The nails are done with acryl without tips all by myself, so they may look a bit strange at some points, but even though they are comfortable and i'm a bit proud how they came out :D

So as i said last post the mobilephone decoration will come soon, so please stay tuned ^^