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Here we want to show you some things we made by ourself, to show you what you can get from us.
For example:
Photobucketwe can decorate your handy with some cute stuff
Photobucketwe create a unique hairbow for you
Photobucketwe design you very cute nails
Photobucketif you want to have some other cute things, just tell us, we'll do our best to make it for you please write to this mail adress: ""

Mittwoch, 11. August 2010

Everything we have

As I told befor, I show you all the things we work with (except the fabrics, cause we don't have them here right now T^T)

On this pic is everything we need to decorate shown:
1 Box with perls etc.
2 Forms for DecoSweets (Dougnuts etc.)
3 Claires Gems Box
4 self-sticking Gems
5 Box with perls and DecoSweets
6 Nailsticker
7 Forms for DecoSweets (Cakes etc.)
8 Perls, sequins etc. in white
9 small Glasperls
10 mini gems
11 self-sticking gem hearts in blue (we have them in purple and pink as well)
12 red gems
13 Perls in white, gold and pink
14 halved perls in white
15 Perl heart white
16 Sequins in White (Somwhere we have black ones, too)
17 pink Decocream

Our pastel nail colours... We really like them :D

Caring nail products and french colours

Everything else we have for nails...

We have much stuff I think XD
So I can make cute nails more often :D

So take care and look forward to the next post ♥