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Montag, 22. November 2010

New nails and coat

Hey Gals^^
again long no entry ~.~ We're sorry for that!
But today we can present you something new :3

At first my new nail design:
I've seen something like this at nails up!, so I decided that my new ones should be like this.
Really cool, hu?

Second thing I want to show you is my re-designed coat:

Before it was just simple (boring) black, but now it's very cute and the leo fur is so soft and cuddly *-* I really like it a lot^^ Now I will make a bag with the left fur.
Wish me luck!

When it's ready, I'll be back for a new entry till then byebye ♥


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Connys World hat gesagt…

gefällt mir beides sehr gut. mschst du deine nägel selbst?